About us

Allan Sigurðsson


Allan Sigurðsson’s foray into the film industry began with editing and shooting. For the past decade, he has worked as a documentary filmmaker wearing different hats: director, cameraman, and editor. He won the Edda awards in 2022 and 2023 for Tónlistarmennirnir okkar (Cultural Programme of the year) and the film Velkominn Árni (Documentary of the year) respectively. Through the years he has also directed many Icelandic commercials, recently winning three awards at the Cannes Lions Festival and three Effies for his work on the commercial “Welcome to the Icelandverse” (becoming one of the country’s most decorated commercial of all time)

Hannes Thor Arason


After graduating from film school in Toronto in 2013, Hannes Thor Arason began his career by gradually moving up the ladder within the Icelandic film industry before shifting to the commercial and television scene where he has worked with most of the country’s biggest networks, agencies and clients. Hannes’ produced and/or directed works have received several awards including the Edda awards, Cannes Lions, Effie’s and the Icelandic Advertising Awards to name a few. Hannes’ past international clients include LEGO, Xiaomi, Nongfu Spring and Volkswagen.

Hannes Thor Halldorsson


Originally from Reykjavik, Hannes worked simultaneously as a professional footballer and a filmmaker before retiring from the sport in 2022. Being a filmmaker was Hannes’ main profession until he had to put that career on hold when his strong football performances earned him moves to play professionally for Scandinavian and Dutch top tier sides as well as representing the Icelandic national team over seventy times. Hannes played a big role in Iceland’s Euro 2016 campaign where the team qualified for the last 8 in the tournament (knocking out England in the process). In 2018, Hannes played at the World Cup in Russia, most notably saving a penalty from Lionel Messi in a 1-1 draw against Argentina in Iceland’s first game of the tournament.
His feature film debut Leynilögga (Cop Secret) was the highest grossing Icelandic film of 2021 and received a nomination as the Best European Comedy of the year at the European Film Awards. Further accolation include competing for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno international film festival, winning the feature film debut awards at Lubeck and being nominated for seven Edda awards. In 2019, Hannes’ Coca Cola commercial received the award for Advert of the year at the Icelandic Advertising Awards and in 2014 he received the same award for the 100 year anniversary of the legendary Icelandic drink Malt.

Sandra Barilli


Sandra is a producer and a karaoke host. She used to work in the Icelandic music industry for music festivals such as Iceland Airwaves and Sónar Reykjavík, and managed Daughters of Reykjavík as well as other Icelandic bands. She moved to the movie industry a few years ago and has been a production manager & coordinator on various productions in Iceland for both local and international projects. When she isn’t busy working she hosts a movie podcast and shoots on film.